Clash Royale a trick to evolve rapidly.

Today I reveal you a tip on Clash Royale to move quickly in the game I made a simple observation:. You have more cards = less chance you have to change your deck.

Clash Royale tips! The ultimate trick!


So I have two accounts (a smartphone and the tablet). On the smartphone I see I’m stagnate arena 4/5 I advance more because I do not get the cards I want. Suddenly on the shelf I created another account and I stayed an arena. I have a lot fewer cards, so I take levels much faster. Clash Royale Gems Hack

Knowing when one arena you have good cards anyway I’ll wait to ride level 10 or 11 before advancing in the game. I wanted to make a video about this trick, but since I’ve done a video tips and tricks on Clash Royale I made an article.


In Clash Royale Gold is the sinews of war, it is necessary to improve your cards or to buy new.

Improvement costs are very high and it is common to have to wait a few days to get the gold required for these improvements. I’ll give you some tips to earn gold quickly.

In Clash Royal you can make money in several ways:

  • By opening chests.
  • Giving maps.
  • And of course by spending real money in the game.

The way easier to make money in Clash Royale is open wooden chests, silver, gold, or chests crowns. Try to open them as soon as you can by playing a few parts per day. This is the easiest way to do what no gold evil.

The second way to make gold is to make donor card in your clan.Some players think that giving cards hard win is silly. True, it’s hard but giving cards you can get XP and 5 gold for all the community cards and 50 gold for all rare cards. You can give up to 60 cards per day, making 300 gold per day and 2,100 gold a week (more if you give a lot of rare cards). Giving cards they will be possible to buy 1-2 epic cards! It would be crazy not to take this approach because this epic cards you can buy are much more difficult to get the cards that you can give.

You can also request up to 3 times daily maps. Even if you do not have card are applying and then restore them to get gold.

The last way to earn gold is to heat the blue card. But that you know how!

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