Beginner-Guide for the First World War

Bookmark and objectives specify: If you are the squad leader (to see the star next to the name), you should not forget to highlight again the targets for your squad. Use the crosshair to select a nearby support point and press the spotting button, which also marks the opponents (eg Q, RB, or R2). A green marker will then show your subordinates what location they are to take or hold together. This not only increases your chances of success, but also brings in all sorts of bonus points when you conquer the base, defend yourself with kills, or succeed through other actions near you. The marking disappears after a period of time. So look for the round countdown timer at the mark and do not forget to mark hard-fought targets several times. And, of course, the spotting is an extreme help for your team and is one of the first lessons on the battlefield.



Team play is always the key to success: In general, it is essential to act as part of a squad.When you are respawn of your comrades, you are much faster back at the hotspots of the battles. If your squad has a good balance of the classes, so if you have a squad at the class selection, you should also pay attention to fill the gaps, then you can also hope for support from the support and medic players. In addition, heavy squadrons and the capture of flags can be disassembled or taken quickly only through the coordinated action of squads.



Instruction to disassemble: her silk still traveling alone and met a tank, you should lie down and remain calm, rather than on the run be an easy target. The shooter in the tank is often overlooked by the restless journey of your lying body. If you notice in a good cover or on the ground that one side of the tanks is not occupied or the guard tower points in another direction, you can put two to three dynamite rods in front of the chains and detonate them with an additional armor armor and thus the tank Turn off before you notice.



Panzer erase: Ever many games are decided by the tanks or the train. If you are only careful to take flags and bring the kill / death ratio into the positive area, you will win less. On all cards applies: Deactivates the enemy tanks. So it is also advisable to go directly into the bomber and destroy vehicles with a domestic airbery or hardly hunters in the sky.



Quick Levels: In the beginning, it is advisable to choose the Medic or support class, on the one hand to familiarize themselves with the Squad tactics familiar and secondly to quickly earn points without her like a startled chicken on a Conquest card into the Deathmatch mode goes. In any case, the use of flags brings more points.



Escape by melee attack: While the bayonet charge is intended to kill opponents in close combat (which, incidentally, also can not hear the approaching battle cry), but you can also use it to flee quickly. It would be much more important, however, to completely remove the knife in the individualization options of the weapons, since the weapon can be moved faster after a sprint.

Housing walls destroy: And as always in the Battlefield parts that you can destroy the walls of houses with explosive and thus infantry soldier takes the protection or it does the same with. However, a destroyed house near a flag also means that befriended soldiers will later have no protection to take it back. A suitable tactic against entrenched campers on the first floor, which already kills you in the door frame before you can do something, is the gallant use of antipanzergranats one floor deeper. Waiting in a corner, the confused campers fall down half dead and can be easily targeted.


Elite soldiers use: As in Star Wars Battlefront, the symbols for the elite soldiers popping again and again in the same places on the map. One should memorize this and keep an eye on it. The three elite soldiers have special attack bonuses and put in a lot more balls until they bless the temporal. However, they can easily be dumped with dynamite rods or simply by passing over a vehicle from the map.

Correctly use the tanks: The exterior of the tank serves only as a rough guide. The displayed crosshairs do not correspond to the target visage in the inner view, so you will always shoot in the outer perspective. If your tank is hit, look for a quiet corner, get out and repair the vehicles. As an opponent you can of course use this situation, if you have undetected a smoldering tank pursued. In addition, you should always stop on the way to the slaughterhouse, either to bring the soldiers to the hotspot or to fill the defensive towers.

Short single shots and bursts: As in Battlefield 4 the tap Firing is at machine guns to be an extremely effective means precisely to act on the battlefield. Fast successive single shots or short bursts ensure maximum precision. If their duration fire is applied, the accuracy loses relatively quickly, and the gambler will destroy everything except the opponent. In light machine guns (LMGs), on the other hand, according to the descriptions of the game, the precision of a continuous fire should be increased as long as you hold down the mute button, which could not be verified by us.

Reloading and dummies use: The reloading of weapons from the First World War is something tricky: It is often in a slugfest advisable to fire the last bullets while sprinting in the cover and reload a whole magazine to be armed when re-encounter. In addition, head traps can be placed behind rifle trenches, which can be easily confused with starter snipers. Place this, look for another good point and always look briefly, who concentrates on your dummy and is itself an easy target. As a sniper, you should protect yourself with a stumbling-wire before a surprise visit.

Mode War Pigeon: The new mode “War Pigeon” works like a powerful Capture the Flag variant: First you need the dove as a flag to locate and record. Instead of carrying them to the home base, you can let the dove rise into the air at any time, as long as your character has finished the note of the Brieftaube. This happens faster when you stand still. If the note is finished and the dove is in the air, the opponent can still shoot it and thwart the point in the last second.

Pay attention to the class system: If you are surprised that he did not continue as hochlevelt Sniper shooter while operating a turret of a tank, should the Level System internalize: Your entire rank decoupled from the rank of your class. For example, if you earn points by completing the terms of the newly entered medals, you will be credited to the account of your played class and to the general rank account. Pilots and tank drivers, on the other hand, are their own class. As soon as one takes place as a medic place in a bomber, one changes the class.

How do Battlepacks work? Battlepacks are boxes that can be earned by completing a round of matches or by upgrading your character’s level. Included are cosmetic weapon skins, puzzle pieces for special melee weapons, as well as temporary experience boosters, which must be activated before their use. If the content of a Battlepacks does not like, the contained objects can be “scrapped” and gets the remains as a currency. With this scrap you can buy more Battlepacks – they exist in three stages. The two more valuable specimens can not be earned after a match, but can only be bought with scrap and are more likely to contain rarer weapon skins. The contents of the Battlepacks are compiled according to the random principle, some skins are only available in time and are exchanged in regular periods, among other things, by “revisions”.

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